Instructions for Authors & Chairs

Instructions for Authors of Papers

In order to be accepted for the conference, authors will have registered with our ConfTool conference management software and provided contact details and a 300 word abstract. Authors whose abstracts were not submitted as part of a chaired panel have now been grouped into a panel and assigned a chair. Your chair should contact you in the development of your paper. If for any reason your information on ConfTool is out of date please update it.

We suggest that draft papers are sent to chairs in July and that chairs’ comments are completed by the end of August for incorporation into the final paper submitted in October.

Instructions for Chairs of Paper Sessions

Chairs have ‘reviewer’ status on our ConfTool conference management software which will allow them to access their authors’ contact details and submissions. If chairs have trouble negotiating ConfTool, please let us know.

We would like chairs to prompt authors to prepare for the session and to comment on draft papers for possible inclusion in the final publication.

On the day of the conference, chairs will be responsible for the smooth running of the session, ensuring that speakers stick to time and allowing time for questions and comments. We would like you to identify the paper or papers that you felt made the most significant contribution to the development of the discourse for peer review and possible publication. There will be a feedback sheet in your delegate pack which you should return to us before you leave the conference.

Deadline for papers and registration 01 October 2019

Authors must register for the conference by 01 October to ensure that their paper is included in the conference programme. Papers are required prior to the conference to allow chairs, editorial staff, and our advisory committee to begin the selection and editorial process for publication.

All papers must uploaded to ConfTool by 01 October.

Revised abstracts (if necessary) must be uploaded onto ConfTool by the same date.

The conference paper should be 3000 words max and the conference presentation should be 15 minutes max.

Papers must conform to general academic standards for coherence, integrity, and originality, and should include title and subtitle, references (end notes), images and figures, captions, and bibliography.

Please submit papers online using the ConfTool™ submission link


All papers submitted by the 01 October deadline will be considered for peer review and publication in either the special conference issue of the journal Architecture and Culture (Taylor & Francis) or the Architecture & Collective Life volume of the Routledge ‘Critiques’ (Critical Studies in Architectural Humanities) series.

Editorial selection

There will be an editorial board meeting following the conference and the selected authors will be contacted before Christmas 2019. These papers will be subject to peer review following the selection process. The authors of the selected papers may be asked by editorial staff to extend (6000 words) or shorten (2000 words) their work for publication.

Editorial timetable

December 2019   Paper selection by editorial board on recommendation of conference chairs.

January 2020   Peer Review process and feedback to authors from reviewers via editors.

February – April 2020   Editing by authors and editors.

May 2020   Preparation of final camera ready copy for publication.

November 2020   Publication