Call for Papers & Panels

The AHRA is now accepting abstracts for its 16th annual conference in Dundee on 21-23 November 2019. We encourage submissions from architects, urbanists, planners, community activists, and policymakers, alongside scholars and practitioners from related fields including: philosophy, history, law, politics, economics, psychology, geography, sociology, and medicine. We welcome independent scholars, interested individuals and students. Over the course of the three day conference there will be five keynote lectures, 30 paper sessions and a number of round table discussions. We are accepting abstracts for individual papers, paper panels, and round table discussions. Please note that these three formats are to be submitted for the same deadline. Please mark clearly the format of your proposal.

Deadline: Please submit proposals no later than 5pm on 1 February 2019.


Call for individual papers proposals

Abstracts for individual papers must be 300 words and must define the subject area and summarize the argument or the creative work to be presented. The content of the paper should be the product of well-documented original research. Papers should not have been previously published or presented. We expect abstracts for all papers: those that are included in panel proposals and those that are independent. Abstracts for independent papers will be organised by us into panels.


Call for paper session proposals

We are asking individuals or groups of individuals to make proposals for paper session themes at the same time as the call for individual papers. This is an ideal opportunity for people working in the same subject area to come together or for cross disciplinary collaboration. These thematic panel proposals must be 300 words long and should define the subject area. The proposal should include a named chairperson and the names of the panel participants. The named participants must also submit their individual paper proposals through the paper proposal route, with the panel session name marked on it. A typical panel includes 4 papers. It is not necessary for panel proposals to include a complete list of participants. We will work with panel chairs to fill panels and finalise panel membership.

Call for round table proposals

We are asking groups to make proposals for roundtable discussions to address questions on which a formal paper is not required.  This is an ideal opportunity for people working in the same subject area to come together or for cross disciplinary collaboration. These roundtable proposals must be 300 words long and should define the subject area and the terms of the discourse. The proposal may include a maximum of 4 named participants.


  • Abstracts must be 300 words.
  • The title should be short and compelling.
  • Please include 6 keywords.
  • Abstracts should include references to texts, buildings, events, and other objects.
  • Abstracts may include images.
  • Please indicate on the abstract which category it belongs to (paper, paper session, round table).
  • A maximum of 3 authors per abstract will be accepted.
  • Individuals may submit a maximum of 3 abstracts.
  • Please include your name, affiliation, and contact details in the abstract.
  • The file should be your last name, and the title.

Abstracts for all three formats are due 5pm on 1 February 2019. All abstracts will be held in confidence during the review and selection process. The selection of papers and paper sessions for the conference will be announced on 31 March. Selected contributors will be expected to submit full papers or project presentations one month before the conference. The selection of papers and projects for publication will be undertaken by members of the steering group following the conference. For the panels, papers, and round tables, each speaker will be expected to fund his or her own travel.

Please submit abstracts online using this ConfTool™ submission link. You will need to create a conference user account in order to log in for the first time.

If you have problems using this link, please email the conference organisers at